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The dispensary is located in Dewariyabir area, junction of several area

(Bhelupur-Ramapura-Madanpura-Rewari Talab).











It is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 13pm.

Every day are dispensed free nursing care (various wound care: cuts, burns, fungal infections, ulcers ...) Thanks to a caring team consists of 3 persons:


- Celine: Registered Nurse State (IDE), head of the dispensary and the team.

- Soni: Indian caregiver (care formed by Céline)

- Dr Sanjay : doctor




Nurse since 19 years, Céline has worked for 8 years in sterile Hematology at Nantes University Hospital.
In love with India and passionate about her job, she wanted to combine his two passions.
Volunteer for 3 years in a dispensary in Benares in India, she then decided to create her own association and give a chance to people from another area of the city to have access to free care while managing dispensary with its own values.
Thus she created in March 2011 the association "Un Rêve Indien". The dispensary has opened in September 2012.
Celine lives in Benares in India since 2009.



Céline met Soni in 2008 in the dispensary where she was a volunteer nurse.

Soni was then a patient, she suffered multiple wounds caused by sepsis. Despite its significant pain and hours of dressings, Soni was always joking.

One day, Celine asked her as a question: "If you had been able to work, what would you like to do?".

Soni said : "Helping others as they helped me", ie giving care.

That courage and determination were one day be rewarded, so when Celine decided to open her own dispensary, she wished to manage with Indians, she suggested a caregiver job for Soni.

Since September 2012, Soni now works as a caregiver in the dispensary and carries out the same nursing as Celine. This is a caregiver who takes her job very seriously and often impresses nurse volunteers passing by her skill and the quality of her care.

A beautiful lesson of life ....

Care giver

Dr Sanjay

Twice a week, on tuesday and friday, comes an Indian doctor : Dr Sanjay.

Medical consultations cost only 20 Rps (0.23 €) including 3-4 days of medication.

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